Elastic Reflective Yarn(Purple)

  • Denier


  • Elongation


LIGHTEMIS® is a new ground-breaking innovation for the textile industry. While the yarn is highly elastic, fine denier and combined with reflective property, it also provides the fabric good hand, comfort and bringing safety to increase visibility in low light conditions.

LIGHTEMIS® can be used for all kinds of applications including knitting, weaving, embroidery and sewing. The strength of LIGHTEMIS® can withstand high temperature in the dyeing and finishing process. It is suitable for various types of fabric construction. Its excellent performance can withstand many times of laundering.

LIGHTEMIS® can be naturally integrated into the original fabric design through various colors of yarn, covered yarn and piece dyed process. The product does not need to change the design because of reflective. Consumers can purchase textile products with reflective property and safety embedded in the finished goods.

LIGHTEMIS® can be used in fashion, leisure, and outdoor. Reflective material is no longer limited to performance or occupational use but instead integrated with fashion and our daily life. It is hidden in the fabric, protects people and makes safety surrounded like air.


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