LIGHTEMIS®, the product name of the reflective yarn manufactured by Light Textile Company, is derived from an original combination of the English word “Light” and “Artemis”, the moon goddess in Greek mythology.

Artemis, as a luminous and lustrous image of goddess giving off moonlight and lighting up the dark night sky, is symbolic of brightness originating from Mother Nature and protecting life itself from the harmful or even potentially lethal effect of darkness. In this introduction, it is this symbolic meaning that we use to convey our eagerness and aspiration to shield all living creatures from being hurt in the darkness and promise a much safer and more secure living environment.

As dusk falls and night approaches, armed with her bow and arrow made all of silver, Artemis has the crescent moonlike horns rest upon her head. The torch that she holds burns bright with the light of birth, life and fertility. She summons her entirely silver moon chariot pulled by four golden horned deer, with which she drives across the sky at night. The moment Artemis ascends the murky and tenebrous night sky, she will drape it with warm brightness.

Despite the description in Greek mythology that it is Zeus, the lord of all gods and humans, who endows Artemis with this power of illuminating the dark night sky, here we borrow this symbolic meaning of brightness in the darkness from Artemis and consider her power to be a “blessed” one which represents a holy gift and also a divinely ordained duty given by Mother Nature to protect the world from darkness. LIGHTEMIS® is the embodiment of this “blessed” power. We visualize a dark sky in which LIGHTEMIS® is transformed into the Milky Way seen at night as a luminous strip of light stretching across the sky. Those aluminized glass beads embedded inside LIGHTEMIS® are turned into the myriads of twinkling stars in the Milky Way.

We genuinely pray that Artemis may unstring her curved bow, carrying this “blessed” moonlight, streaking across the sky in deep darkness, and lighting up the sparkling beads embedded inside LIGHTEMIS®.

With this “blessed” power from Artemis, may LIGHTEMIS® undertake the responsibility as a protector in the darkness and become

“Return Key to Your Safety.”